This is a personal blog. Many of the ideas here are ones that I have imagined myself and then developed in my own work with children, either in the classroom or through one-to-one tuition. Others are ideas which I have come across elsewhere, and have either adapted for my own use, or adopted for use by other colleagues in my school.

All are offered to you, in the hope that they will transform your practice as they continue to do mine.

None of these ideas can ever be complete or finished. As a I work with them with different groups of children from year to year, they inevitably change and adapt. Please feel free to try them in your own context, adapt them further as you see fit, and then share your experiences here for others to learn from.

Hopefully this web site can then become a place for those of us who are trying new approaches with our children, to share ideas, share what works for us, and be further inspired by each other!

Rob Porteous, Edinburgh, 2019

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